On this page In about a decade since its founding, Non Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) has emerged a powerful catalyst influencing the social and economic development landscape of Nepal which is still struggling to come out of the identity of “one of the least developed nations of the world”. The credit to this commendable outcome goes to the pioneers and visionaries of NRNA who were born in Nepal, had their education in foreign lands and worked for raising the prestige of Nepal and the Nepalese through deployment of their newly acquired skills and resources back into their motherland. Starting with sporadic capital investment, NRN movement has made its presence felt now in business, philanthropy and several skill and knowledge investment initiatives inside Nepal. The concept of Science Foundation Trust was initiated in 2009. Following several rounds of discussion and meetings [1-3], a formal presentation was made in NRN-ICC regional conference in Sydney in 2010 which culminated in the NRN declaration to form the Foundation as a non-profit Trust. Nepal Science Foundation initiative is now on a take-off stage. Open University Initiative and Nepal Science Foundation have made debut as NRN diaspora’s gifts to Nepal. In the NRNA global conference 2013, SKI conducted a joint workshop on OUNI and NSF, and the NSF registration process commenced. Nepal Science Foundation is a not-for-profit Trust registered as a company under Company Act, 2006 (2063 BS) in Nepal with its headquarters located in Kathmandu Metro-municipality. The Trust Registration No. is: 1171042070-07-14/: PAN No. 601396304. The Trust is authorised to open its branches in various districts of Nepal or transfer its head office to other places as may be required.

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Byadmin Nov 19, 2014

Jurie Landslide, (Sindhupalchok district) in Pictures

Homepage This report in pictures shows the actual condition of jure landslide in Sindhupalchok district of Nepal. The landslide that occured in August, 2

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