Other essential provisions

  1. The Company can initiate the process of procuring funds/assistance from relevant foreign firms, companies, organisations as may be required for the implementation of the aforesaid objectives and programs by forging close liaison with relevant persons, institutions, private or government as expedient.
  2. The Company may appoint, as per its need, advisers, consultants, specialists, auditors, legal advisers, financial advisers, etc. and fix their remuneration and other perks as may be required.
  3. The Company, abiding within the existing laws, can undertake programs as may be expedient to promote its interest and well-being, apportion expenses as required, procure skills as required and promote relations with national, international and regional organisations.
  4. The Company shall formulate rules, regulations, work procedures and guidelines and implement them as expedient and required.
  5. It will enter into collaboration with persons or organisations on the basis of shared interest and programs.
  6. As per the prevalent laws and following approval, the Company may open branches in other parts of the country of abroad.
  7. The Company will open account in a bank and operate its income and expenditure in a transparent manner.
  8. Keeping uppermost the interest of the Company, it will implement the resolutions and decisions adopted by its General Assembly meeting.
  9. The Management may constitute committees, sub-committees, work groups and specify their functions as may be required.
  10. The Company may hire personnel as may be required, fix their remuneration and service conditions and provide skill upgrading opportunities within the country or abroad as may be expedient.
  11. It will undertake various other measures as deemed expedient to achieve or helpful in meeting the objectives of the Company.
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